Samsung T225 Tab A7 Lite 3/32 (AS)


Experience the Samsung T225 Tab A7 Lite, an 8.7-inch tablet that combines portability, entertainment, and efficiency. With a quad-core processor and 32 GB of storage, this tablet is perfect for various tasks. Enjoy movies, games, and more on its immersive display and capture memories with the built-in camera. Stay connected and entertained on the go.

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Samsung T225 Tab A7 Lite 3/32 (AS), a compact and versatile tablet that offers entertainment, productivity, and portability in a single device. Designed to provide an immersive experience, this tablet is perfect for both leisure and work.

Key Features:

  1. Compact Display: Immerse yourself in content on the 8.7-inch display. Whether you’re watching movies, reading, or browsing, the clear visuals and vibrant colors bring everything to life.
  2. Portable Design: With its slim and lightweight design, the Samsung T225 Tab A7 Lite is easy to carry wherever you go. It’s the perfect companion for travel, commuting, or lounging at home.
  3. Efficient Performance: Powered by a reliable quad-core processor, the tablet ensures smooth multitasking and responsive performance. Switch between apps, play games, and complete tasks with ease.
  4. Ample Storage: With 32 GB of internal storage, you’ll have sufficient space for apps, photos, videos, and documents. Expand the storage further with a microSD card if needed.
  5. Enhanced Entertainment: Immerse yourself in your favorite movies, games, and books with the tablet’s impressive display and stereo speakers. The Kids Mode provides a safe and enjoyable environment for young users.
  6. Long Battery Life: The Samsung T225 Tab A7 Lite is equipped with a long-lasting battery that lets you enjoy your tablet for extended periods without frequent recharging.
  7. Capture Memories: Use the tablet’s rear camera to capture photos and videos on the go. While not a replacement for a dedicated camera, it’s convenient for capturing moments.
  8. Connectivity Options: Stay connected with Wi-Fi capabilities. Browse the web, check emails, and stay in touch with friends and family seamlessly.

Included in the Box:

  • Samsung T225 Tab A7 Lite Tablet
  • Charger and USB Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty Information

Elevate your digital experience with the Samsung T225 Tab A7 Lite 3/32 (AS). Whether you’re browsing, staying entertained, or getting work done, this tablet offers a compact and feature-rich solution for all your needs.


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